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I want another break...

Spring break ended only Monday, and I'm already ready for another one. Luckily, I only have one class on Good Friday, and then I don't have to go back until Tuesday. I feel so weary of this semester, and I know it's because my classes feel irrelevant now. Even though I know that I don't have to take more classes similar to these in semesters to come, I have to still manage to do well in these to get into law school or grad school. Speaking of law school, I was looking around at them again today. Because apparently I like to torture myself. I think at this point Columbia is my first choice, but I would have a pretty hard time turning down a scholarship to UNC, too. *sigh* I guess I have three or so years to think about this. 

I heard my roommate talking about me on her cell phone today to one of her friends (while I was in the same room, mind you). Now, I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm really not the most difficult person to live with. I go to bed at a reasonable hour, I don't spend all day talking on my phone, I'm not too loud. The only thing I think she can really complain about is that my side of the room is messy. She said living with me "fucking sucks" and that's why she's "never here". It's not like I'm antagonizing her. The worst I do is complain about her to my boyfriend or my mother, but only when I know for certain she's not around. And... she's much more difficult to live with than me! I'm going potluck again next year, and I hope I have more luck. And it's not like I'm going to leave later, except maybe to get food. I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach earlier, I had a late night from work, and I just want to rest at home today. Maybe study for my accounting exam on Thursday.

I seriously looked into transferring to Carolina today, but I don't think I'll do it. I'm going to study abroad in France my junior year, and I don't think I'd be able to earn enough credit hours at UNC to graduate. But I'll do fine here at ASU. I like it here.  

This probably originally had a purpose, but I think I've forgotten it...

New Journal

Well, this is my new journal. I'm hoping to make this one a little more open than my last. It'll probably be mostly friends only... So... Comment to be added!


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